Thursday, May 9, 2019

Sleepy Vampire Game's first project

Tentative title: Galaxy Cat.

My first full game is almost halfway finished right now, so I decided to start a blog detailing the work that I've done so far. I will be updating it with new posts weekly. Hopefully this will give me some more incentive to actually get work done on the game so I can write about it on this blog. It's my ambition to create indie games for a living, so I decided to make them under the name Sleepy Vampire Games, based on a drawing by John Bond (

artwork by John Bond
John's art is fantastic, so check out his portfolio website and follow him on Twitter. He's a swell guy. He also does really great pixel art, both for games and just for their own sake. My pixel art, on the other hand, is much more rudimentary. Since I wanted my first project to be made entirely by me, I went with an art style that is simple and has a limited color palette. I decided to use NES colors in this project. Here's an example of one of the sprites I made:

The game is a platformer with single-screen challenges. Some of the levels are tests of skill. Others are simple to execute, but take some thought to finish. I wouldn't really call those levels puzzles, just challenges that need more than raw execution. But maybe that's what a puzzle is in the end. 

My goal is to have the game teach the player enough to help them tackle the dangers ahead. In a future post I'll go into more detail about the story and the setting, but for now I'll just say that the game is meant to be short, charming, challenging but fair, and simple to learn but fun to master. Those are some pretty ambitious goals, I'll admit, but I think I am able to meet at least some of those criteria (at the very least, it'll be short).

I decided to make this first blog post short and sweet as well. Next week I'll be showing off some screen shots and talking more about the story of the game. Thanks for reading!


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